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I have focused my entire career on solving real estate problems. Challenging infill sites? Been there. Complex public private partnerships? Done that. Major funding gaps? Changing economic conditions? Global Pandemic…wasn’t that fun for us all? Real estate is a relationship business, and no two projects are alike. If you have a commercial real estate problem, I am your go to gal….If I can’t solve it I will find you someone who can. 

I started my journey by becoming versed in real estate development; what are all the steps needed to go from trees to keys? How does a building even come to exist? Who are all the players on the team, and how to you properly manage them all? What does good design really look like, and how can we prevent bad design from littering our streets and skyline? How do projects get financed and make money for those involved, and how does a developer create a vision that can ultimately become a day to day environment for people?

From there, I began exploring how policies, governmental programs, lending practices, codes and zoning influenced our built environment. Do you know why all the houses on your block look so much like your own? Why is it almost impossible to find a place to live above the space where you work, but have separate environments? When did housing in my city become so expensive? How do you access those limited but project enabling grants and economic development dollars?

I also learned about leasing and property management by doing it; what does it look like to manage and maintain a great place for people? What should you consider in selecting great tenants? How can a tenant portray themselves as the best option to a landlord? How do you protect your asset when you are not the ultimate occupant? 

Now, I’m investing in my own assets and building a portfolio of great places while helping others to do the same by providing place-centered real estate brokerage and advisory services, working together so we can all create great places for the future.

Are you ready to join me in cultivating great places together?


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And if you needed any more reason to work together, I will shamelessly share some of my proudest accomplishments to date:

• In 2017 I was named one of ColoradoBiz Magazine’s Top 25 Young Professionals in Business.

• I was part of the Top Issues Council reporting on Economic Development for the International Downtown Association in 2018.

• I helped usher Downtown Colorado Springs into a new era, leading the development of a new master plan and implementing many of it’s recommendations.

• I’ve worked behind the scenes on some very cool projects including Spring Life + Work, Redevelopment of the Pikes Peak YMCA Downtown, Artspace Colorado Springs, as well as public projects like the new Vermijo Streetscape project and Downtown Gateways.

• I launched a Pop-Up Shop Program that has helped several retailers launch their brick and mortar businesses in Downtown Colorado Springs.

• I bought my first investment property when I was 24 years old and have been growing a small portfolio of residential and commercial units ever since.

• I became a mom in 2020 to the coolest kid on the block. I now have a renewed passion for creating great places for ALL ages and building great communities for the next generation.

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