Managing Personal Finances – Resources I Love

Discovering the ability to invest, whether in real estate or other assets, requires a strong financial acumen and the development of personal resources. Like they say, it takes money to make money! At the end of the day, personal finance is exactly that, personal. But, here are some resources I’ve found useful in managing and growing my own personal portfolio.

Personal Finance and Investment Resources:

  • Personal Capital – Personal Capital is a fantastic resource for keeping track of your spending and your income. While many people use resources like Mint, YNAB, Dave Ramsey’s zero based budget, all great resources, I personally like Personal Capital because of the way it reports on your overall financial health in addition to spending and budgeting.
  • Motley Fool Money – We discovered Motley Fool Money a few years ago when we first started investing in individual stocks. While individual stocks make up a small percentage of our overall portfolio, Motley Fool was a great subscription when we were in the process of choosing which primary stocks we wanted to start with. I also recommend their podcasts!
  • Fidelity- Most people first begin investing when they are given the opportunty to participate in a corporate 401K. That was the case for my husband, and through his work we had a 401k and HSA account set up automatically with Fidelity. Having also used Charles Schwab for 401k management, we personally prefer Fidelity due to the ease of use, clean dashboards, and with our private accounts the low cost basis they offer.

Rental Property Resources:

  • – A lifesaver for self managed properties. All of our tenants are set up through Cozy, which allows tenants to apply for your unit, submit credit and background checks, and set up recurring rent payments free from a checking account. We haven;t had to go looking for rent for
  • Stessa
  • Home Advisor
  • Bigger Pockets

Financial and Real Estate Podcast Recommendations:

  • Leading Voices in Real Estate with Matt Slepin
  • Americas Commercial Real Estate Show
  • The Real Estate CPA Podcast
  • The Motley Fool Podcasts
  • The Bigger Pockets Podcasts


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